SUAV is a collaborative studio specializing in architectural visualization and architecture based in Madrid founded and directed by Paula Herrera and Beatriz M. Jiménez, architects from the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla with more than 6 years of experience.

CGI | Virtual Reality | Animations | Architecture.

Each project is unique and we approach it by linking attention to detail, design, visual narrative & construction process. Taking care of every detail and understanding the client’s needs.


Paula Herrera

Founder, Architect, Creative Director in CGI & Creative Director in Reforms

She is an architect ! More than 6 years of experience in architecture. His passion for architecture & Arts was developed in studios such studioHerreros or LAA in Madrid. She specializes with a VR Master at 24studio,Madrid. Tutor at the International Festival of Art and Construction in the Netherlands with LightLoom workshop. Her last painting exhibition -Anónima- in EspacioBop, Madrid.Graduated at E.T.S.A.S & P.U.C de Chile, Santiago de Chile. Participated in Europan 14 International Competition, winning a special mention.

Her Passion? Painting, books, design and aesthetics.

Beatriz Jiménez

Founder, Architect, Creative Director in Real Virtuality & Creative Director in Reforms

She is an architect ! More than 6 years of experience like architect. She developed infographics and projects for several years at LAA. Participates in several International workshop – Seville and Quito, Corso sull’architettura Palladiana- Venice, that bring her closer to landscaping and his love of architecture. She specializes with a VR Master at 24studio, Madrid.  Her passion for photography in a self-taught way makes her look for the best frames. Graduated at E.T.S.A. in Seville.

Enthusiast of…? The sea, the  simplicity and how natural light invades and transforms the space.


Carmen de Miguel

Partner. Interior Designer.

She is a designer! She has worked for five years in the real estate sector in different construction companies and in studios such as JAS Arquitectura or Lucía Gómez-Acebo. Discover the world of design by studying the Higher Degree in artistic jewelry at EASD in Valencia. Interior architect from the University of Camilo José Cela summoned to honor in the final degree project.  She specializes with a VR Master at 24studio, Madrid.

¿De qué está enamorada..? What is she in love with ..? From the design of furniture and lighting between the 50’s and 70’s. The beauty of the balance between the everyday and the extraordinary.


Colaborador. Branding Studio

They are a Branding Studio! They are an Italian design firm born from the collaboration between Ludovica Vando and Lorenzo Appiani.

They combine together their different approaches and backgrounds to provide solutions for their clients. They expertise is based on solid design skills and principles acquired first by attending renowned universities and then consolidated by working at different agencies.

Finally, their remote-first approach and our experiences across several countries allow us to work on different projects with both national and international clients.