This refurbishment project borns from a need of a radical change in the Bonaderma dermato­logical and aesthetic clinic, in Seville. It starts from a search towards modernity that should reflect the leading edge technology they offer.
As first idea: the creation of two powerful, contrasting & colorful atmospheres. The first one has a blue-green color (identity color of the Clinic) that gives the welcomes to the patient and impacts on the reception area. By comparision, a warmer second color in the waiting room in earthy tones reminds us to the aesthetics of the skin.
An Orac Decor W108 has been used as 3D wall cladding vertically slatted, to create continuity between the spaces and to cover the old reception furniture that deserved a second life. This one adapts to the new space with an added curved module that provides continuity at the entrance.
All the floors used in the renovation are Premium Taralay vinyl from Gerflor, with subtle metallic touches. It was an initial decision project, since hygienic, sanitary floors are needed and with two unique finishes. As well as a quick placement since the work had to be done in two months. In the waiting room, Metallica vinyl pieces are inserted, emphasizing the areas of passage over those of the stay.
Beauty, aesthetics and the search for a unique experience have been key in the understanding of this project.
To separate both spaces, an ad-hoc partition has been designed in zigzag of 12 mm bone glass that acoustically insulates the waiting room. Translucent vinyls with clover patterns have been designed on them to increase the privacy of the waiting room and reinforce the identity of the brand.
Influenced by La Nave para Ricola – Europe SA de Herzog & de Meuron or the Nottingham Contemporary project by Caruso ST John Architects in mind and taken to a small scale.
The furniture chosen in the waiting room had to combine a look & feel of luxury and comfort. The table has been custom designed in line with the lamp – projector, which projects videos of the clinic on it.
Dermatology Clinic
Project management
Interior Desing
CGI art
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A project by Suav estudio digital & arquitectura for a Dermatology Clinic called BONADERMA, a refurbishment in Seville, Spain.
Project management: Suav architecture
Interior Design: Suav architecture
CGI art & production: Suav digital studio.
Suppliers: Taralay Premium Compact Gerflor – Orac Decor – Custom Carpentry – Westwing
Area: 156 m2