Built to connect, San Isidro
Visit the interior of the houses in video game format, explore the room with a 360º vision or get closer to the future of this promotion by Sotocereo, Real Estate with hyper-realistic images.
Next to the San Isidro park, in Madrid, Spain, we find the new concept homes; built to connect, from the DelRio-Ferrero Arquitectos. Compact homes, with common spaces and services. Model that offers services to give the opportunity to create community (the garden or the pool) and spaces to establish professional connections (coworking).
Interior Design
CGI art
Project Year

360° View


A project by Suav Images & Interiorismo for Sotocereo, a Real State,  in San Isisdro, Madrid, Spain.
Architect: Del Río-Ferrero arquitectos.
Design Interior,: Suav Interiorismo.
Art Direction: Suav Images.