The uUniversity of the Future
Grupo Planeta commissioned us a series of images to show its concept of the University of the future before finishing its construction. This complex is located in Tres Cantos and is part of a larger project: Madrid Content City. A unique institution that for the first time creates a school of higher education where new communication technologies take precedence.
SUAV welcomes this project as a great opportunity to create a metaverse of the campus itself. The collection of androgynous avatars – a sub-genre of SUAV – functions as the NFTS of this new space that is to be “colonized”. Genderless avatars with great virtual potential, are in tune with this perception of the world from another point of view.
Grupo Planeta
CGI art
Interior Design
Project Year


A project by Suav digital studio & architecture for Grupo Planeta, para The Core, la universidad del futuro, in Tres Cantos, Madrid.
CGI art : Suav estudio digital.
Interior Design: Suav architecture.