What if we could live Art?

Move through Dègas’s sets, Matisse’s pink studio or Egon Schiele’s earthy landscapes. How it would be like to live and walk inside a painting ?
Suav Images  believes that New technologies make this possible. Through Virtual Reality we can live spaces before just imagined. Art, Interior Design and Architecture become one: now  it is possible to make whatever is dreamed become real – without having to create a real space physically.
Through our characters, 2D Art takes on a three-dimensional identity and begins to inhabit spaces. In our studio we like these juxtapositions between reality and fiction. Between hyperrealism and pure abstraction. Our images have a clear color palette on each project & we are always looking for one aesthetics that shows a vision of the most artistic architecture.
Our collection of Broken Dolls is inspired by Balthaus paintings: they become contorted and give scale to the architectural spaces that we project. They lose their eyes for the sake of a universality that is global and at the same time homogenizing.
These domestic interiors of Balthaus’s paintings reflect strange sexual tensions – where we can observe how the home is eroticized.
This home eroticization was in fact one of the starting points for our investigation in the exhibition Atmospheres * of pleasure, done for the Erotic-Informative Conference on Architecture and Sexuality ‘Architecture seeks Sex’ curated by Antonio Bonilla and FireIsland; at Casa Sahara Aminetu Haidar, on Oct. 19 in Seville.
Atmospheres * of pleasure is a reivindication of desire spaces, so standardized in current society and imposed by an education that has set guidelines for how we should behave sexually. This project seeks to break with those traditional cultural patterns imposed on the imaginary of the individual’s desire according to what is morally “good” for a dominant sector of the population.
Through these images we wanted to recreate sensory spaces that at the same time transmit a message: the evocative lack of pleasure in today’s architecture.
Just as we look for another way of understanding inhabited spaces from the point of view of pleasure; It might be asked how  imagined spaces affect our experience compared to how we experience something real.
For Pallaasmaa, home is a multidimensional experience that is difficult to describe objectively. So what is experienced, what is remembered and what is imagined are experiences with the same quality in consciousness. In other words, something evoked can move us in the same way as something imagined or something actually lived.
Art creates images and emotions that are as true as those one encounters in life; fundamentally, in a work of art we find our being-in-the-world in an intensified way. This thought gives vital importance to this type of project, which today, thanks to technology, becomes blurred the limits of the real thing and give us great creative opportunities.
So the citizen – spectator becomes an active subject: interacts with art, which mutates into something vivid. And through abstraction we can question reality and truth.
At Suav Images we believe in creative experimentation and questioning the reality that we live. In a world in which everything becomes insignificant and dispensable at the moment, art it must maintain distinctions of meaning and add value.
The duty of art is to conceive new ideals and modes of perception and experience; and therefore widen and open the limits of the world. And with this total freedom, create scenarios, since as Sou Fujimoto said: making architecture is similar to creating unforgettable scenarios.
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